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The MapStore is your source for Washtenaw County GIS Maps.

Click here to order Washtenaw County GIS Maps
What is GIS?
GIS stands for "Geographic Information System" which is a fancy way to describe computerized mapping and analysis. The GIS program is a countywide program housed in the Information Technology Department that provides application development and technology support to County Departments and Local Governments in Washtenaw County.

What is MapStore?
The Map Store is a section of the Water Resources Commissioner's Office that is located in the Western County Service Center, 705 North Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103. The Map Store offers hardcopy and digital GIS products to county departments, local units, and members of the public. You can order online or call the office at 734-222-6820

What types of maps can I order?
The most popular products we offer are parcel maps of a single parcel or group of parcels, aerial photographs, planning maps, census maps, and natural feature maps. All of our GIS layers are available in printed form at the Map Store during regular office hours.

What is MapWashtenaw?
MapWashtenaw is a free online GIS map that you could use at your home, office, or smartphone. You could look at parcels, contours, aerial photos, soil type, and more.

If you click on the wrench, on the upper right corner of the map, you could measure distances and draw on the map. If you click on the "I want to"" button you can change map layers, print, and export the map to different file format. After selecting a tool from the toolbar look for helpful hints at the bottom of the screen. You can always call the map store, at 734-222-6820 if you are having issues using MapWashtenaw.

How do I obtain digital datasets?
Digital media products are not available for purchase through the online map store. Digital Media Products can be purchased by calling the Map Store office at 734-222-6820.

Products and Services
The GIS program provides mapping and analysis services to county departments and the public. Products include parcel maps, aerial photographs, planning maps, census maps, site plan review, natural feature mapping, and much more. Printed copies of our GIS maps can be obtained by clicking the map request link or by stopping into our office during regular office hours.
Though we do our best to get your maps completed the same day, during high volume periods it may take anywhere from 48-72 hours to complete a request. If you have any questions contact the map store at (734) 222-6820.

For more information on GIS products and services:

Pricing of digital map products (effective 2011)

Contact the GIS Team:
Mapstore Technician
705 N Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
PH: 734-222-6820

Mallory Walczesky
MCAT Water Reources GIS and Accessing Supervisor
705 N Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
PH: 734-222-3835

Nathan Arnold
Washtenaw County GIS Developer
Po Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
PH: 734-222-6792
Fax 734-222-6531

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